Satin The Symbol of Purity and Luxury

Originally, during the Middle Ages, Satin was made of silk; consequently it was very expensive, used only by the upper classes. Satin dress became famous in Europe during the twelfth century. Fabrics created from Satin weaves are more flexible, with better draping characteristics than plain weaves, allowing them to be formed around compound curves.
And the royal look that Satin dresses give is still irreplaceable. Silk Satin fabric is renowned as the first choice for evening dresses.

We, at QUENCHATHIRST, always try our best to serve something that leaves a unique yet attractive impact to viewers mind. Using bright colors, unique and classic designs, our Satin dress will leave you in awe.
We’ve given our Satin dress, a twist of 70’s fashion to make it look more attractive. In our collection of graceful Satin dresses, you will find bralette tops that you can style with our brightly gleaming skirts, QAT print bodycon dresses, flared top and lace emerald fashion designer dresses and much more new designs. And now let’s talk about our Bestseller, from the bridal collection, that is the pearl dhoti co-ord. This Satin dress is a perfect fit for Haldi ceremony for brides or bridesmaid. The bright yellow-pink color, with pearls and gotta patti work makes it a perfect fit for the occasion. You can flaunt it by wearing any flower jewellery or pearl jewellery with light or pink lips and winged eyeliner to give yourself an iconic look on your special day.
Providing the bestest designs on pure Satin fabric to our customers is our first priority. Why only Satin fabric? Because we want our customers to shine on their special occasions, just like this royal fabric.